Pelosi Said It, President ‘Bye Bye’ Thinks People Can Go Ask Their Parents For Money


This is to me personally one of the most infuriating things that the buffoon in the White House has ever said, because I started earning money at age 12 and have worked my entire life. I know about being an employee and managing money and this unspeakable fool does not. I also know what it is to go under financially, and Trump has never even missed a meal. Today, Trump underscored once again that despite his ludicrous posturing as friend of the working man, he has no remote clue how the average wage earner lives and where the lines are drawn. None whatsoever. This is what Nancy Pelosi said in front of the White House after Trump walked out of the meeting with she and Senator Schumer.

“It is so sad that in a matter of hours, just a few days, many people, federal workers, will not be receiving their paychecks. And what that means in their lives is tragic in terms of their credit rating, paying their mortgage, paying their rent, paying their car payment, paying the children’s tuition and the rest. The president seems to be insensitive to that. He thinks maybe they can ask their father for more money. But they can’t.”

Chuck Schumer spoke after Pelosi and he said that Trump asked the Speaker would she agree to the wall. Pelosi said no and Trump got up and walked out. Then because he was told “no,” and by a woman, no less, he got his phone and started lashing out, like the man baby that he is, “Bye bye.”

Trump is a trust fund baby who has never known a day’s stress in his life, not as that word is understood by the average American worker, blue collar or white. The head of the Air Lines Pilots Association said in a letter to Trump last week that

(bolding mine) the air traffic controllers, airspace system maintenance personnel, and the airline passenger security workforce are being asked to work unpaid. They are dutifully providing safety of life services while facing increasingly difficult financial pressures to provide for those dependent on their paycheck. The pressure these civil servants are facing at home should not be ignored. At some point, these dedicated federal employees will encounter personal financial damages that will take a long time from which to recover,if at all.

He has no concept of how the real world works. Late payments are anathema to a credit rating. They will tank it. Likewise, credit utilization is a factor that determines one’s score. If that percentage goes too high, a rating is ruined. But that’s what people will be forced into doing, is borrowing cash on a personal credit line or getting cash on a card, for a high percentage of interest to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.  Trump says, “they’ll make adjustments, they always do.” No, they won’t, because they can’t. I venture to say that Fair Isaacs, the data analytics company responsible for scoring credit data, or the banks, or the credit bureaus, are not going to cut anybody slack.

To Donald Trump, born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a golden toilet under his ass, money is all a game. I would bet my own bottom dollar, that he has said to Mulvaney or anybody who will listen to him, “bankruptcy actually makes your credit better,” because that’s his level of comprehension of how things work. He has unilaterally enlisted innocent Americans in the latest of his personal go-bust schemes and as Pelosi said, “There’s going to be a lot of collateral damage.”

It’s no secret that the man is utterly devoid of empathy, but to think that now he is potentially going to destroy the financial lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans over a pissing contest with Congress about his vanity project wall, is beyond the casual cruelty which is the norm in this White House. It is vicious and it is unconscionable.

I can’t wait to hear how “the party of fiscal conservatism” and “personal responsibility” spins this one. What I do know, is that eight Republican congresspeople broke ranks and voted with the Democrats this afternoon to reopen the Treasury without new border wall funds. Apparently somebody’s getting the message.

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