If You Doubt For A Moment That’s Trump’s The Biggest Hypocrite Living, Take A Look At this


This is a copy of the New York Times, which Donald Trump saw fit to annotate, autograph, frame, and send to then-Speaker Pelosi.

Baby, you’re the greatest, was Trump’s pitch to Pelosi back in 2007. Today, he went out of his mind with his faux press conference, done solely because Pelosi was the center of attention in the media and Trump was not. The “press conference” was nothing but a verbal tweet storm, at the White House. No new information was conveyed, but Trump at least got a chance to get some portion of the limelight while all the focus was on Nancy Pelosi and the House of Representatives.

Nice try, Donald. Nice try. Don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of press once Mr. Mueller is all finished with his report. Not to worry.

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