Trump Fires Mattis Early, Appoints Man With Zero Military Background To Run The Pentagon


Have you ever noticed that Trump describes all his appointees, or even just people he encounters in Washington, in trite show biz terms? They’re all “very talented” or if they’re female, “lovely.” The latest in the talented and lovely brigade is Patrick Shanahan, who has been in government only 18 months and who has zero military experience, to succeed James Mattis as Secretary of Defense and run the Pentagon. You’re welcome.

Bear in mind the number of previous  Trump picks of one kind or another who are either 1) going to jail, 2) writing books about him. Frankly, we would be far far better off if Mattis stayed and Trump left. At least Mattis has a clue about what to do if we’re attacked, Trump has none. I pray for our country, truly. We’ve reached a red line in the sand with the leaving of Mattis, where we are considerably at risk. This show needs to be canceled and soon, before the lights go out for all of us.

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