Hucky Boo Boo Sanders Lashes Out At James Comey From Official Government Twitter Account


This has the blue check, so it’s not a parody account, right?

How about we rework a few phrases, “Republicans should stand up to Trump and his tremendous corruption” — he is after all the target of 17 investigations at the federal and state level. That works better, don’t you think?

Or this one, “Republicans should stand up to Trump and his tremendous corruption” — like the swamp he was going to drain, and which has yielded 33 indictments and 7 guilty pleas — so far?

By the by, in case you weren’t listening that day, Trump didn’t do the country any kind of a service by firing Comey. He plainly said on national television that he did it because of the Russia investigation. Alas, you weren’t there in time to grab the tape and doctor it.

But beyond that, Ms. Sanders, where do you get off using an official White House account to disparage a private citizen whose views you disagree with? What kind of ethics textbook did you learn that one in?

As to “shameless fraud” that seems to be an ongoing pot versus kettle issue with you. You never did issue an apology, or even make an admission, for doctoring the video at the White House that you used to allege Jim Acosta assaulted an “intern.” She was no intern at all, she’s on your staff, and there was no assault at all,. beyond the one you cobbled together digitally. It’s highly doubtful that James Comey, or anyone for that matter, has anything to teach you in the shameless fraud department, you built it from the ground up, at the White House, and give regular tutorials in it, during your “daily” press briefings.

Comey pushed some button and this is what Hucky Boo Boo fears.

And isn’t all this a moot point, now, anyhow? Weren’t you supposed to be gone soon? Or, you want to go out in style, go down with the ship, is that it? To what purpose?

Consider this thought from the Good Book: “A false witness will not go unpunished and one who utters lies will not escape.” Proverbs, 19:5

Given your track record, that thought would scare the living bejeesus out of me.









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