Another Day, Another Round Of Fake Numbers From Trump, Who Says Approval Rating Really Is 75%


It’s a shame that Sean Spicer is gone in so many ways. He was far more ludicrous and comical when he was lying about things that didn’t exist. Hucky Boo Boo Sanders manages to get by with her self-righteous victim-hood, an attitude that Spicer just never was quite able to cop. In all events, here is Donald Trump’s newest fantasy figure of the day — 75% approval rating, but for that meanie, Robert Mueller and his rigged witches.

Bear in mind that Rasmussen is the same poll that was predicting that the Republicans would retain the House, one week before the election. Other, more reliable polls have Trump at 42, 43% and don’t expect that figure to hold too steady as the stock market keeps wobbling in the wake of trade wars, that “Tariff Man” just can’t seem to steady — even though he assured us all back in the day, “trade wars are easy to win.” We are positively rapt with attention, Donald, show us how it’s done.


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