A quick update on the site, and one of our editors.


Welcome, dear readers. As you may have noticed, the number of fresh articles has slowed over the last couple of days. There is a simple explanation for this, and I just wanted you to be advised.

First, I have had a couple of personal issues to deal with over the last couple of days. Nothing serious r life threatening, but unfortunately time consuming. This has led to a decrease in my output, which I hope to correct over the weekend.

Second, and more importantly, my dear personal friend, as well as site editor, and the personal editor of my books, ursulafaw, is in the hospital. Again, it is nothing serious or life threatening, thankfully, but it has had the immediate effect of putting her on the shelf for a couple of days. She is hopeful of being released from the hospital in a day or two, and if she has to stay longer, she is hoping to get her laptop brought in to her so she can work from the hospital if necessary.

As you have probably noticed, we are a small, close knit operation. As such, when something disruptive comes up for one of us, it can affect our output. But rest assured, both of us are as committed to providing you with the freshest news, and as well as our honest opinions on the events of the day as ever. We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding, as well as your being valued readers of the site.

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Hi Murf, if you see this, would you please give ursulafaw my best wishes. I was wondering where she was. I hope it is nothing serious, as you say. Hope you are well, too. Cmae.