Lady Melania’s MAGA Xmas Trees Are Getting Pilloried On Twitter


Once upon a time a foul Stygian presence defiled the People’s House for 674 days and counting. And lo, the heavens opened up and showered down their wrath and soon all the trees were covered in blood and all went silent at the sight. Except for Twitter, who guffawed.

Well, the trees are trashy and creepy, so they’re totally Trumpian. Gotta give credit for consistency of theme, here.

We’ll need a song for the annual blood tree massacre, sing it with me now,

“I’m dreaming of a slashed Christmas, just like the ones I used to know, where the knives all glitter on bodies littered and blood flows in the moon glow.

“I’m dreaming of a slashed Christmas, where all the trees scream out in fright, may your hands be bloody at night, as you stalk young Xmas trees and bite.”

Remember, bee-vare the blood trees. Slovenia is adjacent to Transylvania.

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Dear God, tell me this wasn’t conceived out of a regurgitated episode of the Beverly Hillbillies. Almost as bad as Trumpelthinskin ordering the interior of the White House painted over in pure gold color. Agolf Twitler and porn star first lady Melania are King Midas in reverse. Everything they touch turns into a lead balloon.