Teen Accused Of Murdering Mother Visited Trump Tower, Boasted Of Being “Raging Conservative”


The new generation of conservatives is really something, if this 15 year old kid is any indication.

Gregory Ramos, 15, is a cross between Norman Bates and The Bad Seed. And he’s got friends who are just like him. Daytona Beach News Journal:

Ramos took about 30 minutes to strangle his mother with his bare hands, investigators said.

Afterward, Ramos placed her body on a wheelbarrow, pushed it outside and loaded it in the family van. He drove to Holly Hill area before turning around to bury the body behind the church.

After killing and burying his mother, Ramos called Ceglarek and Porras [two friends from school] to help him stage a burglary at his home in an attempt to cover up the crime, investigators said.

4chan/pol is the board where the white nationalist, alt-righters come to gather and debate politics, as the accused said he liked to do. Steve Bannon used to go there to recruit young, angry white males who were into gaming, “to help [Breitbart] marshal the online armies of trolls and activists that overran national politicians and helped give rise to Donald Trump,” author Joshua Green wrote.

The underbelly of American culture is very scary and this “raging conservative” Trumpkin accused of matricide is just one more manifestation.

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10 Comments on "Teen Accused Of Murdering Mother Visited Trump Tower, Boasted Of Being “Raging Conservative”"

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Young minds are more vulnerable to cults and terrorist recruiters who use hate and propaganda tactics to brainwash. Our schools should teach young minds about discernment, thinking for self, meditation to protect against cowardly predators and parasites who teach them to hate others and do their violent bidding for them.

Richard R Ape
It’s been taken down now, but in Sargon of Akkad’s Discord server he was radicalized. He had all of Sargon’s videos in his Youtube playlist and he was in constant contact with him. Sargon of Akkad is a far right extremist and creator of the “Kekistan” meme from what I can gather (it has a racist frog as its mascot, I think it’s called Pee Pee the frog but this is happening all so fast). I’ve seen some leaks where Sargon of Akkad was getting angry at “losing the culture war” and that “more drastic measures need to be taken… Read more »

Looks like he was radicalized by Sargon of Akkad and the alt right. When will we disavow this evil being spread?

Concerned Parent

How many must die in the name of “free speech”? Sargon of Akkad openly calls for violence on his facebooks in the name of this “kekistan” and indoctrinates minds while accepting donations on Patreon.


My son has started taking an interest in someone name Sargan. I used a little bit of the superhacking skills(google-fu as they say) and discovered it is the same Carl Swindon fellow who leads the cult this young man who murdered his parents belong to. How concerned should I be? I know kids like to flirt with risque things, but if this is something much darker I don’t know what I can do. I keep seeing this kekistan stuff and that horrible deplorable frog everywhere.