A Christmas Present From Hucky Boo Boo Sanders, She’s Leaving WH The End Of The Year


Man, I knew that after the midterms things were going to be different, but they must be climbing the rafters and swinging from the chandeliers at the White House. Everybody is eyeing the exits. Now Sarah Hucky Boo Boo Sanders is supposedly leaving the end of the year — the second time this story has surfaced in the past four months. And Raj Shah is going with her, supposedly. The Independent:

Ms Sanders and Mr Shah have not responded to a request for comment from The Independent nor any other media outlets. She did tweet on Wednesday evening about an hour after the CBS News report that she “love[s] her job” and accused the media of not speaking with her about her alleged departure.

The 35-year-old Ms Sanders did not, however, directly deny that she would be leaving by the end of 2018.

CBS News retorted that it had made “repeated requests” for her comment on the matter.

David Cay Johnston, author of The Making of Donald Trump, told BBC News: “Her denial is: ‘I don’t know anything about this.’ She doesn’t say: ‘I’m not leaving’. It’s what we call a non-denial denial”.

And who’s on board to replace her or Shah? Nobody knows.

“Nobody wants to come in,” a source close to the administration told CBS News. “So they’ve gone through two rounds and now they’re at third tier of people who are just lucking out — battlefield promotion ends up promoting people who aren’t qualified for the position”.

Maybe seeing her name in the box marked “Defendant” next to Donald Trump’s was a sobering experience. It would be for most people. In any event, if she does leave now, it would be the smartest thing she could do. Like Hope Hicks, she might be able to swing some corporate job at Fox or the like. If she stays on board the Trumptanic, it is only going to get uglier and lying about doctored video tapes will be the least of what she’ll be remembered for.

And as for who’s going to replace her? Want my bet? I bet Anthony Scaramucci. After John Kelly leaves, Scaramucci will return to be the press secretary. Trump loves to recycle people, it’ll be Scaramucci or Lewandowski. Or, here’s a completely mad idea — what about Megyn Kelly?

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LOL! Great analysis…Recycling Scaramucci is way cooler then recycling toilet paper. Either one is somewhat messy but at least with Scaramucci the result is known…………