White House Correspondents’ Association Defends Acosta, Calls WH Actions ‘Weak’ ‘Misguided’


Donald Trump went off the deep end at Wednesday’s presser, insulting CNN reporter Jim Acosta. Then his Minster of Propaganda, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, decided to demonize Acosta by accusing him of assaulting an intern, when nothing of the sort happened. The White House Correspondents’ Association issued this statement on the matter.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is so used to lying that apparently the fact that there is video and a couple of hundred percipient witnesses does not preclude her from making up a lie out of whole cloth to justify Jim Acosta’s banishment from the White House.

Huckabee Sanders deserves to lose her job for this. I can’t wait to hear her defend herself and double down on her lies, that should be most entertaining. Of course, she’ll probably do it after a couple of months and many news cycles. Wasn’t there a rumor she was leaving the end of the year? It can’t be soon enough, assuming that it happens.

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