If You Think The Georgia Governor Race Is About Anything Other Than Race, Listen To This Robo Call


The GOP is running scared on this one, whew, oh doggies!  Heaven forfend Stacey Abrams should prevail. This ad eclipses Willy Horton. Willy Horton was sane and measured by today’s Trumpian standards. This is vile.

And of course mixed up in the anti-black dogma is the usual anti-Semitic crack. And It’s no dog whistle, air raid siren is more like it.

Brian Kemp is framing his race, “literally a fight for our nation.” And Mike Pence went down to Georgia, because the Devil was busy, we guess, and he amplified GOP conspiracy theory, because what other ammunition does he have? Atlanta Journal:

Democrat Stacey Abrams, Pence said, is being “bankrolled by Hollywood liberals” and holds views that are outside the mainstream on issues from health care to immigration.

“It’s going to be a choice between a proven, commonsense, conservative leader in Brian Kemp or the failed liberal assistance agenda of Stacey Abrams,” he said.

If Mike Pence had his way, he’d be in the big house drinking mint juleps and Stacey Abrams would be picking cotton, but then you knew that.

And poor Mike Pence, he was apparently feeling intimidated by the likes of Will Ferrell, Michael B. Jordan, and Oprah Winfrey showing up to knock on doors to GOTV for Abrams.

Bwahahahahahaahahahaha! I guess that’s what you say to a candidate when he’s devastated by the star power his opponent has supporting her and you need to reassure him, and yourself, that vanilla wafer, faux Kristian, gay basher Mike Pence is really such a much as well. Oh.My.God. What is Pence going to do next, don black face and a straw hat and give us a minstrel show?

This race is bloody coming into the home stretch. As of last night Abrams and Kemp were polled as within 2/10s of a point apart, with Abrams having the slight edge.

Tuesday is going to be epic for a lot of reasons, and this race is most assuredly one. That’s the night that the lights go out for Brian Kemp.

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Mike Pence: “I’m kind of a big deal too”. Yes legend in his own mind. Big deal in bribery, theft, graft, lying, obstruction, treason against the USA and all its citizens. Mike Pence is for ONLY HIMSELF and PUTIN’S RUSSIA. The only reason Pence accepted the V.P. was because he was promised by the Russians the Presidency after Agolf Twitler croaks or is removed by impeachment or other means. Pence hates Trumpelthinskin and will backstab him and anyone else in a New York minute that gets in his way of ascending his promised GOP-Nazi throne as dictator in chief of… Read more »