Take A Look At Trump’s Twitter Hit List And You’ll Know Where The #MAGABomber Got His


It’s a no brainer that at the top of Trump’s enemies list is Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. But take a look at some of the other individuals that Trump has called out on Twitter, and you’ll see exactly where the #MAGABomber got his inspiration. In fact, you would do well to find a Democratic politician or celebrity critical of Trump, who isn’t excoriated in one of his tweets, which undoubtedly were read by alleged bomber Cesar Sayoc.

Tom Steyer was a recent recipient of this new form of “honor” i.e., the notice of #MAGABomber.

Well, that last diss could actually be construed as being pointed at Jeff Sessions. And hey, speaking of which — do you suppose #MAGABomber might go after the Keebler Elf? After all, Trump’s made it clear he’s very unhappy with Sessions.

Maybe #MAGABomber was just getting around to Sessions, and others that Trump has had a parting of the ways with, which would be quite a few Republicans. Frightening thought, isn’t it, how far something like this could go, so extensive is Trump’s list of foes.

Trump’s mouth is Pandora’s box. We can only wish he would have never opened it.

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