Billionaire Democrat Bottom Lines It About Climate Change and Republican Culpability


Tom Steyer is telling everybody that the smoke alarm is going off, telling us that we’ve hit the wall where climate change is concerned, after the IPCC report which just came out. Steyer lays the blame where it deserves to go, at the feet of a deaf, dumb, and blind Republican majority, and a *resident who calls climate change a hoax.

We are near the point of no return. Literally, models have been constructed to estimate how close we are to hitting GMST, (Global Mean Surface Temperature). 2.0 degrees Celsius is the magic number. We go beyond that and we will be looking at cataclysmic species extinction, and the very extinction of the human race in a few centuries.

Here’s an excerpt from a discussion I had with my friend and a patron on this site, jsteve7 and he explains it eloquently.

Most of the models I’ve studied (containing some pretty serious mathematics) suggest we are standing RIGHT ON the 1.5 deg PNR. That is, what we do this year or the next will or will not push us over. And if we do nothing in the next two years, we ARE over the 1.5 deg PNR. The PNR the [Washington] Post is referring to is the 2.0 deg PNR – unrecoverable world calamity is UNAVOIDABLE. Again, understand what PNR means. It means past that point the GMST goal is NOT POSSIBLE to be reached NO MATTER WHAT man does after that point. You know, FUCK this economic anxiety crap. The RePukes are dooming the fate of man right now as we speak. But yeah, emails.

If you missed the Washington Post article, what it said is that the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, (IPCC) wrote a report, which was requested by the Paris Accord. It basically puts the 1.5 deg C as the goal needed to be reached and the line to be held. It reaffirms scientific thought that says that 2.0 deg. C is the death sentence for the planet and for the human race, and to avoid that, we need to make radical planetary changes. Immediately.

The radical transformation also would mean that, in a world projected to have more than 2 billion additional people by 2050, large swaths of land currently used to produce food would instead have to be converted to growing trees that store carbon and crops designated for energy use. The latter would be used as part of a currently nonexistent program to get power from trees or plants and then bury the resulting carbon dioxide emissions in the ground, leading to a net subtraction of the gas from the air — bioenergy with carbon capture and storage, or BECCS.

“Such large transitions pose profound challenges for sustainable management of the various demands on land for human settlements, food, livestock feed, fibre, bioenergy, carbon storage, biodiversity and other ecosystem services,” the report states.

The document in question was produced relatively rapidly for the cautious and deliberative IPCC, representing the work of nearly 100 scientists. It went through an elaborate peer-review process involving tens of thousands of comments. The final 34-page “summary for policymakers” was agreed to in a marathon session by scientists and government officials in Incheon, South Korea, over the past week.

This is coming down, hard and fast, and people have been too stupid to heed the warnings. People who got off the Titanic reported that a lot of people left on board were not all that frazzled. The speculation was that they just could not comprehend what was happening. They couldn’t believe that a ship that size could actually go down. Apparently, the majority of us can’t believe that something as big as the planet could go down, but it can and it most assuredly will.

The Republicans in office don’t care because they are the monied class and they figure that if there’s any way to survive, they will do so, and the rest of can go screw. It would not surprise me in the slightest if the Republican elite didn’t already have plans for colonies of the wealthy to move to inhabitable latitudes, while the rest of the human race goes under.

Maybe that’s our epitaph, “and the rich assholes shall inherit the earth.” What’s left of it.


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