Trump Obstructing Mueller, Doing Permanent Damage to Intel Community


Damn it. I am getting really sick of Trump and his desperate attempts to denigrate the Mueller investigation by throwing so much shit into the air, the right wingers lock onto something innocuous and pretend it validates Trump. They played this game with Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, now Trump is going after the big fish.

The real bombshell, though, was in the second paragraph of Sanders’s statement: “President Donald J. Trump has directed the Department of Justice (including the FBI) to publicly release all text messages relating to the Russia investigation, without redaction, of James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Bruce Ohr.”

So, the practical effect is that Trump is releasing an extraordinary amount of material pertinent to an ongoing investigation, without redaction. Trump gets his trifecta; He gets to SEE a great deal of material on what the investigators have on him without them turning the files over, he also gets a chance to muddy-up the waters regarding the FISA warrant and the people going after him, and last, Trump throws his entire intelligence community into the river as a means to show them who is boss, sources and methods be damned.

Those text messages could discuss all manner of things, including, potentially, investigators’ suspicions, secret evidence, investigative methods, and information on confidential sources whose lives could be put at risk (if his instruction to release them “without redaction” truly is carried out).

Once again we get a lesson regarding what Trump cares about, Trump. That’s it. That’s the list of things Trump gives a damn about. Subsections under “Trump” include; Money, his property, his kids, money, the size of his …buildings, property and money. Hopefully, soon, we can add “Staying out of jail” to that list, but as of now Trump still believes he will skate through this. There is no other reason to release these materials other than as a means to thwart the investigation.

One of the many mysteries to me has always been the focus on the FISA warrant. It is true that in the run of the mill drug dealer case, a bad warrant can lead to suppression of evidence which results in dropping the charges. If the president of the United States is a Russian agent, it won’t matter in the least whether the warrant was bad (it isn’t, but go with it a second), We do not let presidents “go” as Russian agents just because a warrant is bad (it is not). We impeach the living shit out of them and then find another means to prosecute them on whatever evidence is left over, like obstructing an investigation by declassifying a million tests.

The goal appears obvious: Trump is searching for some”thing, anything, new he can use to try to discredit the investigation. The GOP has been making hay of the texts between Strzok and Page all year, and this is an effort to surface similar material Trump can use to attack Mueller. Trump wants to release texts from five people he’s case as villains in a “deep state” plot against him.

The “deep state,” pffft. Trump likes to act like he’s the first president to ever come into office with a giant administrative body that sits in place through administration to administration. He should appreciate those people because they are the nuts and bolts of government, they do the blocking and tackling to make the trains run on time. (Thee cliches in one sentence, close to a record).

To conclude, Trump is about to throw as much crap as he can get his tiny hands on, all in the hope that no one sees the evidence that lines up within it.

It will not work.

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