What the Hell Happened to Lindsey Graham, Formerly Sane, Decent Man?


I recall a time maybe fifteen years ago, watching some news show, Chuck Schumer sat alongside Lindsey Graham. A question went out regarding how the Congress can work together (or something like that). I recall Chuck Schumer instantly stating, while pointing at Sen. Graham; “Look, this is a good guy …” Schumer meant it, he was sincere.

It made me look at Graham a little more carefully. I liked what I saw. He was independent, had a bit of a nasty streak (nothing wrong with that), and even though he was a Republican, he was obviously respected. I also knew that John McCain would not befriend a complete asshole. And there is the fact that Lindsey Graham is just so obviously gay, and can’t do a damn thing about it. Coming “out” as a Senator from South Carolina simply isn’t in the cards.

But no one else will “out him,” either. That’s because he generally has been respected as “a good guy.” It would be cruel. People only want to be cruel to …well, assholes.

Having said all that, what in the ever living fk happened to him? He’s gone completely off his rocker, going from a savvy anti-Trump voice of sanity within the Republican party to a complete and total sell-out, despite McCain never having done so, nor Flake, nor Corker, nor … you get the point. If there was an “anti-Trump caucus within the Republican party in the United States Senate, there would be a few welcoming arms, oh, and it would be one hell of a powerful little group of three or four, too.

But, no, according to the latest story out from the Daily Beast, Sen. Graham is not just a Trump supporter, but apparently, now a Trump agonist, encouraging the darkest forces in the back corner of that not-medicated-sufficiently mind. After Trump talked about NoKo’s Kim Jong Un as “little Rocket Man,” Graham suggested that Trump encourage the Chinese to assassinate him and install a kinder, gentler General, one that China can control.

Okay, first of all, the United States has a policy against assassinating foreign leaders, and we should, lest countries around the world start to believe that to be a useful tool in foreign relations. But, let’s just pretend for a moment we didn’t. Why the hell would you leave it to the Chinese to do it? When, if successful, but suddenly caught, they could point out that they were simply doing a favor to their fellow despotic government in the United States. No, tough guy, if the United States actually does determine that the world is best without a foreign leader, than that’s a job you damn well do yourself. And if you cannot do so, you shut your mouth. Jesus Christ on the joint chiefs, I know fk-all about foreign policy, but I do know that.

Were that his only problem.

Not content to see the United States lose yet another war in the mountain trap that is Afghanistan, where super-powers go to die, Graham fed the worst inclinations in Trump’s insecurities – Obama:

Graham also trashes the Obama administration to push Trump to adopt a foreign policy more in line with recent Republican presidents than the isolationist position he campaigned on.

“Do you want on your resume that you allowed Afghanistan to go back into the darkness and the second 9/11 came from the very place the first 9/11 did?” Graham asked the president, according to Woodward.

Yeah, I said the same.

But it gets worse:

Trump reportedly asked how the war would end, and Graham told him the fight would never end.

“It’s good versus evil,” Graham said. “Good versus evil never ends.”

Hang on.

It is “good versus evil” and therefore we don’t expect it to ever end? That is called crime, dumbass, that’s how one fights crime, not through the use of the U.S. Military. How would YOU like to walk up to the doorstep of a new widow, and tell her that her husband, the father of her children, just died fighting an unwinnable war of “good versus evil” and it will never end for the good guys.

Let’s not even get into how much it costs in actual money, the above is the only reason ever needed.

As one GOP operative said; “We would be at war with half the world if Lindsey Graham was president.” Yeah, it definitely appears so. You would think that he’d have learned a little more about the efficacy of the use of the U.S. military from his dear friend John McCain, given that he had personal knowledge as to what can go wrong when you put U.S. personnel in harms way in an unwinnable war.

To a fault (ask any friend of mine), I believe in the world’s better angels, and have always steadfastly refused to hate Republicans on the only basis that they are a Republican. And, damn, I didn’t want to dislike Lindsey Graham. I wanted to cheer for the poor guy who is the lone closeted gay in the U.S. Senate.

Maybe he just believes that Trump is insane enough that he’d actually do the darkest fantasies in Graham’s foreign policy mind? Dunno, but something’s wrong with a man who advocates what he does.

It doesn’t appear to be getting better any time soon, either.


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I believe someone has the goods on him and unless he sticks by Trump he will outed.


How bad could an outing be this day and time? Everyone already believes Lindsey is gay so making it public won’t even be a blip in his day. It would actually endear him to me. I’m a South Carolina Female.