Leaked Repub Document, Nov Bloodbath Coming: President Not Ready


Axios made contact with someone within the Republican national command structure and obtained a memo predicting an absolute bloodbath come November, with Democrats taking over the House in large numbers. Obviously, the practical effect of such a move would be to flip the oversight of each committee from Republican to Democrat. We have all had a lesson over the last eight years into the importance of committee control as between parties, anyone who has lived through the nine-hundred (seemingly) committees formed to investigate Benghazi, and watched Devin Nunes run a protection racket for Donald Trump understands the importance of control of the House.

But what I find most enlightening is the controversies the Republicans expect to see erupt, the questions asked, the documents sought, etc: Per Raw Story:

The list includes requests for Trump’s tax returns, the Trump Organization taxes and whether he and the family are complying with the emoluments clause including Chinese trademark grants. Democrats are also seeking information on Trump’s financial dealings with Russia and details on his preparation with President Vladimir Putin.

However, the financial documents of the Trump family and the Russia scandal just scratches the surface. Democrats are seeking any documents about Stormy Daniels, James Comey’s firing and the firing of former U.S. attorneys.

It goes on to demand documents from Trump’s cabinet and staff that have exhibited unethical behavior.

Now, I have always believed that Trump is far more involved with the Russian government than is commonly believed to be possible. I believe he’s likely in secret contact with Putin, or at least secretly following Putin’s instructions, however he is getting them, and as such, is a Russian asset in the White House. I also believe that Robert Mueller will prove such facts soon enough that Trump won’t need to worry about campaigning for a second term, with or without a Democratic takeover. (And Mike Pence shouldn’t be sleeping easily, either, because there will be hard questions for him).

But, whichever Republican is in the White House after the bloodbath, the investigations that take place will reveal all the oversight that Republicans did not do. Of particular importance, I believe, is the investigation into emoluments clause violations, and in particular, the Chinese trademark protections, which seem extremely valuable. The trademarks interest me when I consider the following; If you are China, and you realize that the U.S. is about to be led by someone controlled by Russia, and he doesn’t particularly like you, what do you naturally do? The obvious answer is to find the man’s weaknesses, the same ones exploited by the Russians, and play to them just like Russia did/does. Trump cannot resist money, so lo and behold copyright/trademark protections comes bubbling up early in China, and, Trump returns home from visits in China talking about how he had never been treated better by anyone, ever ….mission accomplished, China.

What about the UAE and Saudi Arabia, all those meetings in which Jared Kushner engaged, alone – like his father-in-law, preferring that no other American sit-in with him?

We haven’t even talked about good old American corporate malfeasance, buying policy seems to be bigger than ever, and it was always big. I would love to see the list of corporate memberships at Mara Lago.

So would many others, and the Republicans know it. They also know that Trump remains oblivious, believing in a big red wave (perhaps he knows best, perhaps the Russians have far more successfully hacked our infrastructure than we think, there’s a thought for you) is coming. Trump isn’t ready for the alternative scenario, one in which the White House becomes a “24-7 defense operation.”


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No offense, but here on the red vs blue battlefront the Red side is Winning. Early voting counts in Florida point to low blue turnout and high Retardican turnouts, unfortunately.