The End is Much Closer than You Think


Every “big” Trump confidante, everyone close to Trump whom Trump relied upon to cover up his deeds, his past and his ongoing illegal actions, they’re all rolling and rolling fast. We heard just yesterday during the Fox interview, Trump sounding like a mob boss, complaining about “flipping” – people who agree to cooperate with the government, the government that is “we the people,” – Trump is complaining about people who agree to help “us,” the people in search of the truth. He is complaining because that is his last real “wall” and it is crumbling before our eyes.

Michael Cohen has already implicated Trump in a felony. Trump sits in the oval office right now as an unindicted co-conspirator. That action came about not because of Mueller’s extensive investigation, but because of good police work and good prosecutors from the New York U.S. Attorney’s office, headed by Trump appointee Geoffrey Berman, under Trump’s Department of Justice led by Trump pick Jeff Sessions. God knows what Cohen can tell these people (never mind Mueller) about Trump’s history with mob figures over the years.

David Pecker, head of the National Enquirer and close Trump friend has been given full immunity to discuss his relationship with Trump (and, presumably, the Trump family and any/all other criminal enterprises of which he has knowledge). Pecker has protected Trump from salacious headlines for decades, imagine the stories he has to tell, and now imagine Trump sitting in the White House thinking about those same stories.

NBC is reporting that the Tromp Organization Finance Chief has been granted immunity in the Cohen probe – we’re not even talking about all the information that Mueller has against the man – now imagine the stories that the Finance Chief can tell, discussions about mysterious Russian mobsters showing up and paying cash for luxury apartments. These same mobsters over-paying, so as to hide/launder money, for these luxury apartments, with Trump knowing damn well that the “overpayment” still represented Russian money, not his.

Mueller is due. We know that. We know that the Department of Justice has a rule that it will not release any information on an investigation with political implications within 60 days of an election. Thus, within the next 2-3 weeks, can expect a large report from Mueller, and it will be utterly devastating,

Moreover, increasingly, we are hearing about matters that implicate the Trump children in crimes. The children represent one of two load-bearing joints in the Trump psyche. Trump will ignore anything, fight for anything, except at the expense of his children, or if his money is threatened. The two things Trump loves more than himself, certainly more than the presidency, his children, and his money. Actually, one could argue that he thinks of his money as “family” in that it is part of “him.”

Some point very soon, a prosecutor, whether it is Mueller or someone in NY will have enough information that an indictment that threatens Trump’s children or money will appear on the horizon. At that point, Trump will jump to make a deal, one that involves him stepping down from the presidency. He can rely upon a pardon from new President Pence for federal crimes (though Pence will have to be extremely careful about that. Pence is not in the clear regarding Russia and what he might have known throughout the campaign, and pardoning Trump – if Trump is proven to be a Russian asset, could be a disastrous move for Pence politically, and immediately put the heat upon him for protecting a security threat.)

Trump will look for any way to get out of this with his children protected, protection for himself — to the extent that is tenable — and most important, protection of his money. Trump is the type (I believe) who would sit for a year or two in prison overpaying most of his wealth over in a criminal proceeding – should he make a deal. That is why I believe it is highly likely that Trump steps down from office sooner rather than later. The heat is really ratcheting up now, and Trump cannot take the heat. He knows that FAR more damaging facts remain undisclosed – for now – but will surface, soon.

And that is why I think this ends sooner rather than later. A deal will be struck, and it will involve Trump stepping down. What this nation needs is a strong investigation into all that happened with Russia, whether Trump gets immunity or not. This nation cannot go through this again. But, I suspect the end is far closer than we appreciate right now.

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