Russian Co.: Trump Uses our Tech to Secretly Speak to Putin



The White House is using Russian made technology to conceal communications between Trump and Putin according to a Russian state owned defense company.

According to Rawstory:

Rostec claims its Avtomatika unit, which specializes in encryption and secure communications, supplies the White House with technology that allows Trump and Putin to communicate privately.

An unidentified Rostec representative told the state-run RIA Novosti news agency that U.S. experts tested and recommended the Russian-made encryption equipment.

“In all its years of existence, the direct line uses only Russian-made equipment,” the unnamed representative said, but offered no additional details.

The questions that Americans should be asking is what is this story doing coming out now?

Nothing comes out of Russian State media without both Putin’s permission and express purpose. Putin would have to know that this is sure to cause Trump tremendous problems if questions start getting asked about how often Trump is privately communicating with Putin. Is Putin unhappy with Trump?

A better question might be, has Putin decided that the “Trump Experiment” has run its course and is now doing things to ensure that Trump is out of office as soon as possible, so as to take the heat off of other Republicans, who – if you haven’t noticed – are also dropping like flies.

This is one of the more intriguing stories I have seen in a while.

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