Brennan Unchained


John Brennan worked his way up through the various intelligence communities in the federal government to eventually become head of the CIA. Not to glamorize the cloak and dagger guys too much, but you don’t get to the position he attained by being some wall flower that wilts under pressure. So, I suppose it should come as now surprise, that when interviewed by Rachel Maddow, two days after the president threw a Trumpertantrum  (TM’d, I want citation rites to that), Brennan delivered the goods, the spy that came out of the cold, hot. Transcript v. Rawstory:

“The fact that he’s using the security clearance of a former CIA director as a pawn in his public relations strategy, I think, is just so reflective of somebody who, quite frankly — I don’t want to use this term maybe — but he’s drunk on power,” Brennan said. “He really is.”

Just getting warmed up.

“I think he’s abusing the powers of that office. I think right now this country is in a crisis in terms of what Mr. Trump has done and is liable to do. Are the Republicans on the Hill who have given him a pass, are they going to wait for a disaster to happen before they actually find their backbones and spines to speak up against somebody who clearly, clearly is not carrying out his responsibilities with any sense of purpose and common sense from a standpoint of national security?”

This really is the big one, the only question worth asking. Why are Republicans still standing by this man? We have one of two choices. It can only be because the Republicans are so craven and cynical with respect to power that they’ll support Trump through him re-defining what made this country great, threatening every assumption about the future, OR, the Republicans are “unable” to move against Trump due to threats from Russia, since we know that the Republicans had their own server hacked, too. It is one or the other, or a combination, but I find a combination unlikely.

Rachel asked Brennan if he felt Trump was capable of instituting a “wag the dog” scenario, taking the country to war, to avoid being the central focus. And, well, the tape is right below.



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