Reagan WH Official Offers Best Reason to Know Mueller Has “It” on Trump


Peter Wehner, a Washington insider who served under three Republican presidents, appeared on CNN Monday and held nothing back in his critique of Donald Trump. Keep in mind, this is coming from a man who worked for Ronald Reagan and “W” Bush, and thus has been through Iran-Contra and the lies coming out of Cheney’s office justifying the Iraq War. He is more than a little familiar with the requisite cynicism one can expect in any Republican administration.

But, apparently none of them have a thing on the Trump administration. Transcript via Rawstory:

“[T]his is an administration that deals in lies,” he said. “This is an administration surrounded by supporters who say that they have got to do whatever they have to do and say whatever they have to say to try and protect Donald Trump.”

Yes, and more and more, speculation is that the Russian influence is wider than originally thought, and perhaps at least some of the politicians aren’t displaying loyalty to Trump so much as to saving themselves. But, we see your point and agree, especially as to Trumplican supporters.

He was asked about the fact that many Republicans now consider Robert Mueller, lifelong Republican, 40 years experience prosecuting criminals on behalf of victims of crime, genuine Vietnam War hero, injured in battle retrieving American bodies, many Republicans now consider that Robert Mueller more dangerous to America than Vladimir Putin:

“Yeah, this is insane,” he said. “And it just shows you that with these people, there’s no bottom when it comes to defending Donald Trump.”

We stopped looking for a bottom after the “grab them by the p***Y” sexual assault admission didn’t make a dent in the Evangelical Right’s support.

And then, with elegant simplicity, Wehner noted how it is that we can be sure that Robert Mueller has the evidence to destroy Donald Trump, it is indeed refreshing to hear it put with such common sense:

“If Robert Mueller didn’t have anything they would ignore him,” he continued. “But they know that he’s got something.”

Hard to argue.

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