Jeff Sessions Was Already Hiding From Trump Before He Was Called “Scared Stiff”


Hiding from Donald Trump is more common than you might think.  6’8” James Comey tried it in Spring of 2017, when he hoped to blend into the curtains in the Blue Room, to avoid an encounter with Trump. Unfortunately, Trump spotted him, and came over for an unwanted hug. Then there was Reince Priebus hiding behind the trash can on Capital Hill at a time when his demise was a when not if proposition and as one pundit quipped, “Every holiday becomes a referendum of Reince.” Now it’s Jeff Sessions’ time in the barrel. The Week:

Ever since Sessions recused himself from overseeing the investigation into whether Trump’s campaign was involved with Russian interference in the 2016 election, things have been awkward. Trump is publicly criticizing him for letting the investigation drag on, while Sessions obliquely sucks up to his boss with thinly-veiled attempts to stay on the #MAGA train.

Despite Sessions’ best effort to stay out of Trump’s voluminous hair, the two can’t avoid each other at Cabinet meetings — but they can try. The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that White House staffers seat Sessions strategically during meetings, hoping to keep him out of Trump’s line of sight.

The attorney general rarely speaks directly with Trump, sources told the Journal. Trump sees Sessions as “the catalyst” for all the headaches the Russia investigation has created for the administration, an official said. Perhaps officially severing his previously strong ties with Sessions, it appears Trump has a new BFF in the Justice Department: He has begun embracing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, calling their relationship “fantastic.”

It’s good that the Trump-Rosenstein bromance is going well, because Trump has renewed his attacks on Sessions, most recently as part of a chain tweeting session Saturday.

Maybe the beautiful Nelly can speak to the lovely Lisa Page and the two of them can work it all out, one Rigged Witch to another, ya spose?

In any event, Sessions has no lack of spots in which to recuse himself, literally. There’s the grandfather clock in a pinch, and then there’s always the big tree where all the cookies are made.

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