Sen. Nelson: Russians Have ALREADY Penetrated Florida Election Systems!


In a shocking revelation that has received nowhere near enough national attention, Senator Bill Nelson, no wild, off the cuff, newbie, announced to a Tampa paper that the Russians have already penetrated parts of the Florida electoral system, as secondarily reported in Rawstory.

“They have already penetrated certain counties in the state and have free reign to move about,” Nelson announced, in what should be the single most important news story of the day and yet has not yet appeared in the major media, at least not to the degree warranted.

Depending upon the counties to which Nelson refers, the entire state of Florida could easily be controlled, and done so without flipping a vote. A diverse state like Florida has large pockets of near unanimous Democratic territory, both in poorer African American regions, the college towns and diverse wealthy urban areas. If the Russians simply removed 2-3% of the voters from the rolls, in those counties, in a state that generally splits 50-50, it can sway the entire election.

Nelson did not provide details, understandably. Doing so would certainly alert those who are doing the hacking that they have been cornered/caught and likely result in renewed efforts.

“We were requested by the chairman and vice chairman of Intelligence Committee to let supervisors of election in Florida know that the Russians are in their records,” Nelson remarked. “This is no fooling.”

No fooling and dead damn serious.

I am tired of the federal government and about 40% of the citizens believing this is not a priority. Of that 40%, a terrifying percentage sees Democrats as the true enemy to be thwarted and if it takes the assistance of the nation’s greatest adversary, the one that has set about to weaken the country by destroying its faith in elections and democracy, then so be it, still better than having a Democrat win, to these people. Just today, on Twitter, I was reminded that us “libtards” – only conservatives would combine a completely inappropriate term for people with Down Syndrome and liberals – that us “libtards” have nothing, with respect to Russian, I believe he meant evidence.

This is the level of denial.

Another – again on Twitter – noted that the Special Counsel was a sham. I replied that he is speaking about a man who served his country as a prosecutor, putting criminals who victimized innocent people away for 40 years. Led the FBI after 9-11, in fact started the job the week prior to 9-11, how’d you like that assignment? Was re-upped for a 2 year extension for his term by President Obama (Mueller being a lifelong Republican) and unanimously confirmed by the Senate. Oh, and he also got shot in the leg recovering the bodies of dead Americans on the wrong side of enemy lines in Vietnam, and was back fighting just three months later. Yet this man on Twitter – loyal to a president who has done nothing but feed his insatiable need for money and praise all his life – had the temerity to call Mueller’s work a sham.

When we speak about the real problem of Russian meddling, a large portion of this country not only isn’t concerned, but likely approves of it as a necessary evil to keep Democrats out of office, the real “enemies” of the constitution. Well, I’m tired of hearing it. Simple disagreements about taxation on the uber rich, regulations to protect the environment, health care for the poor and support for LGBTQ and immigrant rights does not make one an enemy, it makes one an American with differing priorities.

Sorry for the rant. But this has me shaken up. Florida, a state that is 50-50, always, has already been penetrated. We know the side upon which the cheating will occur, and too little is being done. It is an outrage.

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