Breaking: Judge orders plane carrying deported mother and child to turn around and return to the US.


eff Sessions war on immigration on behalf ot The Tiny Thumbs Diktator just keeps getting worse and worse. And it just led to Session s himself being threatened with being held in contempt of court.

This morning, a woman and her child, attempting to claim refugee status were deported back to El Salvador. The problem is that the woman was one of 8 plaintiffs who challenged Sessions; change in policy regarding domestic violence and gang violence being acceptable reasons to come to the US and claim asylum.The easiest way to settle a legal problem is to get rid of the plaintiffs, right? So they were deported.

Turns out that the judge was not pleased. When he was advised that the woman and her young daughter were on the way back to El Salvador, the judge immediately ordered that the plane be turned around and returned to the United States, so the woman and her daughter could deplane. He also ordered the Justice Department to immediately return to the United States any other plaintiffs that had been deported. And just to make his intentions crystal clear, he threatened to hold Attorney General Jeff Session in contempt of court if the government attempts to deport any more of the plaintiffs in the case before it is adjudicated.

This child separation policy has been a national disgrace from its inception. But between the judge in San Diego making it painfully clear to the government that they, and they alone bore the responsibility of reuniting separated families where the parents have deported without their children, and now this district court judge ordering the return of deported plaintiffs, and threatening to hold the sitting Attorney General in contempt of court, it is becoming clear that the tide mat finally be turning in the direction of sanity and light.

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