“I’d Rather Be A Russian Than A Democrat”: MAGA Morons Show Their Loyalty


Republicans are scared.  So scared that some cultist members have amped up their propaganda arsenal to include t-shirts that read, “I’d Rather Be A Russian Than a Democrat”.  These frightening cult specimens were sighted at a recent rally in Ohio, where the Republican party has converged to pull out all the stops to save a conservative house seat.  The good news is that despite the desperation and effort of Republicans, their attempts appear to be failing.  Democrats are surging in Ohio.

Democrats are surging in the days leading up to the special election in Ohio, which may be a pivotal election heading into the midterms.  This district has been reliably red for more than 30 years, which means that Republicans should feel pretty confident about winning.  Signs are everywhere that they are not secure at all and the enormity of their efforts to gain underscore how clearly worried Republicans are about losing this seat.  The Republican National Committee opened two offices in Ohio, launched a $500,000 get-out-the-vote effort, and dispatched a top officials who ran Trump’s 2016 Ohio campaign, while outside conservative groups have dumped more than $3.5 million into TV advertising.  Despite this, signs were everywhere indicating that Democrats are ahead – from recent polling to the statements of many Republicans, including the GOP candidate himself.

A loss in the Ohio district, following the startling Republican defeats in Pennsylvania and Alabama, would offer more evidence that a blue wave is on the horizon.

And this is all very good news.  Very good news for the midterms and also good news since the MAGA cult is finally being completely honest – They’re  not loyal to America any longer.


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Barbara Murphy-Bridge
Barbara Murphy-Bridge

Who are these twits?


Then move there please and give us our country back.


Be nice… Idiots are people too.