Confirmed: Trump Supporters Now Fine With Russia Helping Trump


A Republican cannot break the law or commit treason if that Republican is attempting to keep a Democrat out of office, according to what many Trump supporters now think, as further signs of our slide toward a fascist authoritarian state emerge.

CNN interviewed a group of Trump supporters in a diner in Ohio. One noted that Trump is doing exactly what he said he would do (no, I have an entire list of things that he promised to do that they have gone completely forgotten, including medical coverage for all that would cover more and cost less). Upon asserting that Trump is succeeding in what he said he’d do, a second man says; “If he had help, we’d be ok with that.”

No shit.

Of course they would be ok with that. These people are dying to have a real right-wing fascist takeover their country. They have absolutely no need for the constitution as it’s currently written, nor for the Bill of Rights – except that 2nd one.

They are old white men and therefore have absolutely nothing to lose if an authoritarian government sets upon the American public, and they don’t care if Trump had to work with Russia to do it. See Mayme’s excellent article on Trump supporters saying they would rather be Russians than Democrats.

This is still likely a minority view …maybe. It would be interesting to know the percentage of Trump voters who would think it was just fine if Trump “had help” from Russia. There is an element to the question that is unknowable, too. It is easy to sit and say generically, “if he had some help …” But, it is much harder to hear the specific cold hard facts about how that agreement came about, the money deals, the threats of releasing information, the types of people Trump dealt with, the fact that the FBI was there warning the Trump campaign at that exact time in an attempt to protect the Trump campaign, and Trump’s efforts to lift sanctions on Russia once in office, like a good little puppet. When they hear the details, it becomes increasingly more difficult to accept as contrasted to a generic “if he had help,” matter.

But, it is still fascinating.

Russia wants this nation weakened, they do not want America great in any way. Why would these men not sit back and wonder why Russia chose Trump and Republicans as “their party” that would assist them in weakening the United States? I suppose the answer to that question isn’t too hard to figure out. These people believe that no matter what, a Republican is better than a Democrat as president, even if the Republican is a Russian asset, loyal to Putin first – as seen in Helsinki, himself second, and then the Republican party, all ahead of country. But, at least he’s not a Democrat, right?

Watch the Video here, from Rawstory and CNN.


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