Trump Thinks You Need Photo ID To Buy Groceries, When Was The Last Time You Were Carded?


If you raise your eyebrows every time Donald Trump makes one of his truly epic gaffes, they are level with your hairline right about now. At a rally in Tampa Tuesday, Trump said, “If you go out and you want to buy groceries, you need a picture or a card — you need ID.” Maybe in his alternate universe, where the Doritos are under glass and a guy with an AK-47 is guarding the beer.


But why should this be surprising? This is a man who thought that health insurance costs $1.00 a year until you’re 21, then it cost $12.00, “and by the time you’re 70 you have a nice plan.” He seriously does not know that even if you buy groceries with a check (and nobody ever does) you don’t need ID because it’s scanned electronically and they either take it or they don’t — just like debit or credit cards.

And it’s not just him, this is the administration of the Out of Touch. Ben Carson, the one with a selfie of Jesus, who muses whether space aliens built the pyramids, complained that a low income apartment building was too nice, lacking ”only the pool tables.” Betsy DeVos sails around on her $40Million yacht while there are teachers on food stamps.

And still they vote for him. Eye eye eye. Don’t forget to get your passport stamped in the express line.


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