“They Told My Daughter That I Did Not Want Her”. A Story Of What Family Separation Really Looks Like.


This is why we keep fighting, folks. “The Trump administration created this crisis, and they must be held accountable for it.”

Transcript: “They told [my daughter] that I did not want her. And that I did not want to see her. She started to cry and screamed. She was told I signed a document stating that I had chosen to be deported to go back to my country and that I didn’t want[ed] to see her.”

“I can’t stand this anymore here, she told me. “I want to leave, Mommy. I want to be with you. I want, I want to go with you. I can’t take it anymore, I want to sleep with you, I want to be there. Where are you? When will I see you?”

I said to my daughter, I’ll see you in these days. God willing, I said. But don’t cry, I said. Behave wherever she was located.

Suazo was taken to “la hielera”.

“La Hielera is a lot of cold rooms, very cold rooms. The toilets are in the same room. Inside the room. They took all the mothers and all the mothers were in this room and the children were separated in another hielera.”

You’ll have to watch the rest.  She was moved to a location referred to as ‘the dog kennel’.  I can’t stand to even type it out.  The inhumanity that this woman suffered as a result of the Trump Administration’s disgusting family separation policy is crushing.

All I can do is share this with you and hope that either Mueller skewers that son-of-a-bitch before the end of the summer or that all Americans watch this video and vote Blue this November.

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