‘They Don’t Have A Goddamn Thing’ Giuliani Declares, While Bouncing Off The Ropes


Donald Trump was moaning a few months ago that he “needed more TV lawyers.” Shortly thereafter he hired Rudy Giuliani, and all Giuliani has done is dig himself into a bigger and deeper hole every time he’s on the air, or talking to a reporter. He gave an interview recently to Johnathan Swan of Axios and it was a classic. Giuliani says that Trump thinks Mueller should just get over it.

Rudy Giuliani told reporter Johnathan Swan that Trump is fed up with Mueller and wants him to “put up or shut up.”

What he’s saying: “Why don’t you write a report and show us what you have, because they don’t have a goddamn thing. It’s like a guy playing poker. He’s bluffing and he’s only got a pair of twos.”

Trump tweeted twice about Mueller yesterday in terms that were sharper, and with a more personal edge, than the president’s usual rants about the “witch hunt.”

  • Giuliani said Trump’s view is: “Enough is enough.”

  • Asked whether he meant Trump was considering firing Mueller, Giuliani replied: “No. No. He’s thinking: ‘Hey, the guy should get this over now.'”

  • On Michael Cohen: “The president has always had a soft spot for Cohen. He almost still does. Even now with his betrayal by taping him he still is worried about him because he believes he’s only hurting himself.”

Giuliani also says that Mueller “chases down every alley and doesn’t find anything,” which is what he hopes will be the case with Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg, who was recently subpoenaed. Giuliani also says that Michael Cohen is “self-immolating” and “blowing up on them.” Sounds explosive, in any event, and actually just like the broken clock that is right twice a day, Giuliani is right about this — Michael Cohen’s testimony and evidence will be explosive, indeed. Hopefully with enough dynamite power to blow Donald Trump clean out of office.

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