Chuck Todd Tells Hugh Hewitt He Is Sick of Conservative Dodges


Hugh Hewitt, a not very bright conservative radio host and a huge Trump apologist, got asked a tough question and answered with the only answer conservatives have when faced with any criticism, or defending “the ONE” that must be defended.

It happened on Meet the Press. Perfect, because it is likely the “media” show still taken fairly seriously, ratings or not. During a critical point in the round table, Todd noted the criticism that Trump has rightly taken about being wholly unprepared to face Putin down in what could be a critical meeting.

Hewitt argued that “the American media is trying to infuse Donald Trump with a sort of willful blindness he doesn’t demonstrate” toward Russia.”

I guess Chuck Todd, being a member of the media, and realizing that the “normal conservative answer to every tough question” had heard the same answer quite enough and defended the media, by dropping that devastating truth bomb conservatives cannot stand:

“Whoa!” Todd interrupted. “What the heck are you talking about with the media? This isn’t the media. This is John McCain, this is Mark Warner. These are serious officials on both sides. This is not the media. This is such a cop-out.

I’m tired of that.”

I’ve said before that I am tired of liberals blaming the media for everything, too. Because, guess what? We think that just because we have far better reasoning, it means we are wholly correct when we use it too cavalierly.

But the right wing has perfected it, because they don’t have to be correct, they need not give that a thought. They just say it and every conservative simply nods. It doesn’t matter that Todd retorted with undeniable FACTS.

Jesus Christ on a Sunday show, even Trump, just this week, got asked about an interview HE GAVE, ON TAPE, and blew off the question as fake news, IOW – blaming the MEDIA. Because that is all one need say on the right. Conservatives watch Fox all day. They don’t know Trump was on tape and quoted word for word.

Hewitt wants you to believe it’s only the media who wants it to appear Trump is unprepared. The logic falls apart because Trump has admitted to not preparing much, he’s not bringing in experts with him. He wants a one on one. Oh, and when has Trump ever, and I mean ever, appeared like he worked hard preparing for anything?

Recall, this is the man who famously said; “Who knew health care could be so complicated?”

Um, everyone who prepared?

I want the left to hold the media accountable. But, by that, I mean citing specific instances where a bias is shown, or laziness. Simply saying “the media didn’t want Hillary and wanted ratings and is the reason she lost” is simply doing what the right does.

Except they use that same answer every time. We don’t often. But, when we do, we ought to listen here and realize how stupid it sounds. Boy did Hewitt ever get hammered with how stupid he sounded. Let’s just tip our cap. Todd’s not a hero, but did a nice job on that one. That’s all.

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