Holy Spit!! NY Times Con-Columnist Acknowledges That GOP is “The Stupid Party”


Oh wow, “truth in news” can be so damn refreshing it feels like a great shower after some sweaty …

As many of you know, there is an unreasonably smart, way-too-young-to-be-this-conservative Op-Ed columnist at the New York Times named Brett Stephens. Some of you might read into the fact that I’m noting that he’s too young to be that conservative as simple jealousy, that he’s the one with the New York Times column, not me. That is not the case, in fact, it is so obvious that I’m not jealous, I don’t even need to write it out, but am doing so anyway because it would sure seem that I am. But, I’m not, okay? I am serious. Really.

Okay, having established that I’m terribly jealous, we need to give Brett Stephens tremendous credit for going on Morning Joe this morning and simply eviscerating the Republicans who participated in the modern-day stoning by those with sin (and in more than a few cases, big-time sin) of Peter Strzok. Brett Stephens had the temerity to remind the audience that Peter Strzok said nothing in his pillow-talk tweets that the exact same Republicans were not saying at the exact same time in history!!


“There’s a reason Republicans are called the stupid party,” Stephens said. “My old colleague at the Wall Street Journal, Holman Jenkins, used to say there are certain ideas that vanish in the presence of thought.”

Stephens said the entire premise of the hearing was ridiculous.

“The idea there was a bias at the FBI toward Hillary Clinton is simply refuted by the fact that the FBI was the one agency of government which played a decisive role in getting Donald Trump elected,” Stephens said.

Tell me that is not like the first bite of pizza at your old favorite college pizza place? The local one that you always ordered from that was never matched by any place again in your lives? Yeah, tell me that hearing truths like that, self-awareness from a Republican, satisfies in a way that we associate with …pizza. Or something.

Oh, but he wasn’t done, he went so far as to remind people that none other than Mike “I am more Leviticus-Christian than You” Pence, was – as late as March 2016 –  talking about the fact that it would be so blasphemous were Trump to be voted into office, that only regular goat sacrifices on the capital hill steps might absolve this nation of its second attempt at “original sin,” in electing Donald Trump, who attempts to destroy in just four years what took 240 years to build.

I might have made the goat sacrifice part up. I might also actually be jealous of Brett Stephens, some things are hard to tell when one is experiencing new feelings, like the first time one had …that first bite of that pizza, or hears good old fashioned truth from a reliable conservative.


Stephens left unsaid, because it would spoil it to make it that obvious, that only upon becoming president, a president that will spit with fire and rage at any Republican who doesn’t bow before his greatness and pledge that Republicans life and woman to his majesty’s huge greatness, only then did the Republicans become so impassioned in their “pro-Trumpness.”

Feel free to analogize in comments, what analogous experiences you might have had that compare to hearing “truth” come from a Republican.


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