Congress’ Worst Day …… Fox Turned Its Head ….


There are days that are tragic, Gettysburg, JFK’s murder, Pearl Harbor, 9-11, and there are days that make you furious, Trump’s election, finding out ICE is ripping kids out of their parents’ arms, and then there are days like today, when I would be embarrassed to be known as “the American” in any international group, where I want to turn the TV off out of sheer cringe-worthiness. In fact, when Louis Gohmert took to the microphone, I took to the remote, and found a show on Jupiter’s magnetic field on the Science Channel.

Because I just couldn’t watch. In fact, I can’t write about it, I’m still humiliated and am just going to let Rawstory type out the transcript:

On Thursday, Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) seemed to lose it while questioning FBI agent Peter Strzok, demanding to know whether Strzok had lied to his wife.

“I can’t help but wonder when I see you looking there with a little smirk how many times did you look all innocent in your wife’s eyes and lie about Ms. Page” he yelled to know, before getting shouted down by Democrats.

I don’t know who had to excerpt that article for Rawstory but he or she did me a fantastic favor because my fingers would have ripped themselves off my hand in sheer embarrassment.

I am not even sure that Louis Gohmert’s moment was the worst, because I know that during the beginning of the hearing, the Chairman almost (in fact, I think he was about to do so, but then thought better) told Peter Strzock that he would be held in contempt of Congress if he didn’t disobey the FBI attorney and answer his question.

It is so bad, that even Fox’s own robot Brit Hume brought up its Humescreen and went to Twitter to note:

Actually, Brit, the question elicited a great deal of information. It demonstrated just a farce this Congress has become. Republican House members have absolutely no desire to have any “oversight” of this White House, the majority believes its job is to protect Donald Trump from an investigation. It also demonstrates that Louis Gohmert has a real problem with Peter Strzok having an affair, but no problem with Donald Trump tagging porn stars and paying them $130,000 to not talk about all that not hot sex.

This House majority would have us believe that Peter Strzok represents a great threat to America, when it is so obvious to me that Strzok is, much like Robert Mueller, one of the best of America’s best, even as frail as he is, a human being who had an affair. I would take a Congress of 435 Peter Strzok’s over any Republican on that committee.

Oh, and I have two things to say about good ole’ Louis Gohmert. One, he wouldn’t qualify for a job as a security guard at the capital if he were forced to apply. Plus, it appears Gohmert is a male member of Congress who desperately wants to have  an affair, but can’t find some comely young woman to cooperate  …

I am going to be ill.



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Cameron Bautsch

you make it sound as if the text messages in question are evidence of nothing. Cringe worthy to hold someone in contempt of congress for ignoring a request for information? What school of law did you attend?