Trump Tweet Lying Using …IRANIAN NEWS!


Just yesterday, Trump tweeted something I knew had to be false because A) Trump tweeted it (automatic false) and B) it involved Obama (Ditto) and C) It made Obama look bad.

Obama IS human, and always was, he did plenty I disagreed with, but the tweet was so ridiculous on its face that only …Trump supporters would believe it, OR, there had to be much much much more to the story:

Well, Donald, may I please point out that 2500 Iranians is probably fewer total number of people than Russians whom you’ve allowed in as “Birth Tourism” (we wrote about that about a week ago, see my Twitter feed), and please be assured, Russians do NOT have the U.S. interests, at least not true U.S. interests in their heart any more than Iranians.

Second, Donald, it would largely depend upon which Iranians were accepted to come over. (Let’s PRETEND it’s true for a moment) Were they people who had been arrested as dissidents against an authoritarian regime? People fighting a religious government looking for progressive values? Were they nuclear scientists we didn’t want over there helping them and instead made a deal to help us? Were they world class scientists in other ways that benefited us? Were they world class pianists who we want as Americans? Or were they people in Iranian prison who deserve better? Even if true, we don’t know.

Ah, but now we do know this:

CNN’s Oliver Darcy said Trump’s allegations appeared to have originated with an Iranian newspaper, which cited a cleric. The claims were later picked up by Fox News.

“The great thing is Fox News’ own commentator [former Obama State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf] told Fox News this sounds like BS. That’s an actual quote they included in their story and Fox News still ran with it, which is just really mind numbing,” he added.

Mind-numbing that Trump sponsored TV (Fox, of course) would go with a story that is completely un-sourced (Iranian TV certainly doesn’t count) and called “BS” by someone who was there, and and American. Then it was picked up by Trump himself? That is NOT what I would call “mind numbing,” I would call that exactly what I would expect.

I am also furious at the assumption that these 2500 Iranians – even if true! – somehow likely represented some huge threat, and that a small number like that wouldn’t have been vetted inside and out. Newsflash to Trump, Iran has a shitload of people, some of which are likely very good people that we most certainly would rather have here. It would be like stealing Iran’s best.

Trump assumes none of that – none. He assumes that brown people, people not from Finland, Norway, Sweden, etc. are from shitholes that are not worthy of bringing over.

To get back to my original point, I hope that our astute audience at Politizoom (and we take one great deal of pride in the fact that our readership has proven to be extremely sophisticated), surely recalls the days when words did not exit the President of the United States’ mouth without being fully vetted as both fact and serving a purpose for the United States. I miss those days, desperately.

Trump’s fans don’t. They prefer the reality “created” by their leader.

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