Giuliani Made Critical Promise RE Mueller, Broken


God knows how long ago, probably about 2-3 months ago, plenty of time to have “circumstances” change his mind, Rudy Giuliani promised that Trump would make a decision regarding talking to Robert Mueller.

Please, some perspective. The president of the United States, by constitutional mandate, literally controls enforcement of laws within the country. By refusing to sit down with someone in charge of enforcing laws, it is not only a “first,’ it goes completely against the constitutional framework of the nation.

Nor can the head of the executive branch be picking winners and losers. If you need a trivial reason (rather than a deeply philosophical justification) for questioning Trump’s contempt for the rule of law, calling out Harley Davidson would need only require a call to his broker 10 minutes before tweeting he is going to war with Harley-Davidson, telling his broker to short the stock, pocketing anywhere from $100k to $1MILLION over about 30 minutes as the market reacts.

Is it not obvious now why a lowly state court judge cannot have conflicts such as this? If that judge is about to release an opinion that will drive the price up or down, we don’t want it painfully easy for that individually to easily benefit financially. But Trump insists that seems to be part of his right to benefit financially.

Regardless, I drifted a bit, but back to ignoring laws. Giuliani told CBS News correspondent Paula Reid on Wednesday that there was “no decision I can announce” on whether Trump agrees to an interview with the special counsel.Giuliani said in June that he was advising against the interview but that “the president wants to do it.”

The July 4 deadline is not the first Giuliani has failed to deliver on. In 2018, he s aid that the Mueller probe would be over in “a week or two.”

“I’m going to join the legal team to try to bring this to a resolution,” Giuliani assured The New York Post.

The other thing the president is plainly doing is awaiting announcing the all-important supreme court nominee which he anticipates (quite rightly) will render his actions, about which Mueller might question, entirely irrelevant to his “base” which will forgive damn near anything done by the man who named a conservative to the Supreme court for the next 40 years, one willing to overturn Roe. Once Trump does such a thing, he can give an interview in which he admits that he has agreed to sexual favors to Putin, among other things, on demand, and it won’t matter the slightest bit – a worthwhile trade to his supporters who crave the end of abortion, among many other conservative goodies on their wish list. It simply won’t matter.

And, that, is as big as reason as any to blow off the deadline.


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im glad guilianiis on trumps side. what a moron


trump is the evil of evils.