WTF! Trump Says He’s Helping Destroy Harley-Davidson


Still doubt that you currently live under a dictator? That it’s happened already? That even though there is hope to rid ourselves of him eventually, for now, we live within a fascist regime, no less a dictator than any self-respecting banana republic?

Whoa whoa whoa, stop right there, Ace. You what?

What you (Trump) apparently do not realize is that you live in a free country with capitalism as its cornerstone economic system, and that in such a country, in the United F’ing States of America, the president himself doesn’t call out specific companies for punitive measures just because they might happen to make the president look bad. At least, responsible presidents don’t name names.

They might name policies (high tech offshoring), which infer certain sectors, but not specific companies, especially ones that happen to threaten you (the president) because you vouched for them and they then took the money and ran, just like every other corporation in America will do – 90% of them, anyway. You (Trump) are especially mad because they are blaming your tariffs as part of their reasoning, which may or may not be true, and they may or may not be punished by their own customers, but it is certainly NOT your place to help their competition because you’re angry.

And, no, jackass, sir, sir Jackass, we didn’t miss the fact you said you’re helping companies that want to “move into the United States” which sort of infers that they started outside the fking United States! You are now going to bat for foreign companies in order to destroy Harley-Davidson, and while your motives might even be called patriotic, they are NOT the actions of a democratically elected president of a free damn country! They are the actions of a despot who will do the picking of winners and losers in “his country” (as in personal ownership).

Damn it! Would someone with some sense in the pigeon-brained Republican party pound some damn sense into this man’s head? There WILL be a time that Trump isn’t president. Even if he declares himself emperor for life from the Truman balcony in a military jacket, he can’t live forever. And if you want a nation that semi-resembles the one that grew into the richest most powerful nation ever – including the one that represented the most promise as the land of the free and home of the brave – you will get a hold of this man NOW and stop him.

Jesus Christ on a chopper, this isn’t supposed to happen here! Where is the outrage?

Of course I’m opposed to off-shoring. Of course I want policies that encourage companies to stay here. But it is all for fking not if it is done by a man on such an ego trip that he’ll attempt to kill off companies that he has decided need be killed off!

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