Major Media Finally Saying Trump Is Plainly Putin Puppet


It has been obvious since the days after the inauguration, it’s been danced around on serious media, people have dipped a tepid toe in the water. But this morning, on the show watched by every serious person in DC and throughout the nation – Morning Joe, Trump was called out specifically and expressly as a Putin puppet. Finally, it is happening. The media seems to be accepting that it is not only “okay” to make inferences from the obvious, but indeed necessary.

First, just a note on the forum itself. Morning Joe has a relatively tiny audience. Yet, like Imus before it, the audience itself is coveted by advertisers (why are Joe and Mika so rich?) because the relatively few who watch are people with money and power, the serious people who “think” rather than watch Fox for entertainment. I know for a fact from friends who work on The Hill that even Republicans watch Morning Joe to listen to serious conversation. If one is to announce that Trump is a Putin Puppet, that is the show with the biggest impact.

As we head toward the next NATO summit, facing our horrific reality is more necessary than ever. NATO allies are terrified that Trump is more antagonistic to NATO than Russia, and that a G-7 “type” event will occur at the NATO meeting coming up within a week. Meanwhile, Trump continues to float plans that sound like Putin’s wish list, such as moving troops out of NATO altogether.

Joe has had enough:

“There has been this concern, certainly since we interviewed Donald Trump in December 2015 and he refused to criticize Vladimir Putin, said he was a strong leader and we needed that type of leadership in America,” Scarborough said. “There’s been a concern that he would never criticize Vladimir Putin. There’s been a concern obviously through this investigation that Vladimir Putin must have something on Donald Trump.”

Of course Putin has something on Donald Trump! How else does one explain that Trump has been openly hostile toward Canada at times, but never Russia?

What are the odds that Putin doesn’t have “kompromat” over Trump?

We have seen that Trump has no use for rules or laws, generally. He regularly screams about all the stuff getting in his way as president. How can that possibly be a new development? We have also seen that Trump will do damn near anything to save himself above all others. Again, it cannot be a new development. At some point in the near past, Trump has done deals with Russians that were illegal, it is just so damn obvious! I have written on the “sudden” change that Trump underwent in the late 00’s, from bragging that he was the “King of debt” to being the only person willing to put down huge sums of cash for property in the midst of a recession. The money could only come from Russia, after all, that’s precisely what Eric Trump told us!

And THAT – my dear audience – by its very nature, is a conflict of interest so huge that one stuck within it shouldn’t be confirmed as a U.S. District Court judge, never mind allowed to serve as president.

Joe Scarborough, no liberal, firmly agrees with me and FINALLY said it this morning:

“I firmly believe he does have something on Donald Trump, and that’s why he’s never criticized Putin,” Scarborough said.

Some might wonder, “but getting money loaned out of Russia doesn’t necessarily constitute a crime, and doesn’t necessarily mean that Putin has “something” on Trump.” Such statements would be true of the majority of countries on Earth. But there is a reason most countries will not bank with Russian oligarchs. The money is tied to Putin, organized crime, and thus gained illegally. If normal reputable banks accepted big Russian money, there would be no need to do so much laundering, but big reputable banks don’t do business with the Russian Rich. Trump should have avoided them for the same reason.

Everyone knows that once one finds themselves working for or alongside the mob – of any kind – there is only one way “out” and that is death, or maybe a “deal” that helps you disappear. Otherwise it is a one direction relationship, you get sucked in deeper and deeper.

Let me give you a refreshing breeze of “reality”:

“Can you imagine any American president in your lifetime that could do things that were more in Vladimir Putin’s benefit than what Donald Trump has been doing over the past two years?” Scarborough said. “Attacking NATO allies, trying to withdraw troops. talking about withdrawing troops from Europe, talking about withdrawing our commitment to NATO, turning every NATO conference into basically a very uncomfortable situation.”

“Then going off and talking secretly to Vladimir Putin at the G20 last year, setting up — I mean, the list is endless,” he added. “If there is a conspiracy, this conspiracy seems to be in plain sight.”

Yes, I can imagine a president doing so. But, it wouldn’t be a “normal” president, it would be one that has been near economic collapse, one that values money above all else, one willing to act with utter recklessness, and one attracted to authoritarians.


I want to pull my hair out. How Trump ever got away with never releasing his tax returns is simply beyond me. The unwillingness stood as a flashing light, stating; “There is something in my financial position that disqualifies me as president, and thus you cannot see it.”

Yet Trump has never been more popular among Republicans, principally because Republicans are not at all bothered by authoritarian or fascist tendencies, so long as the person is for the far right. In fact, they prefer authoritarianism. It’s partly why Trump is sounding more unhinged and more like a dictator by the day. He’s rewarded for it. Note the language in tweets just this morning:

Need I point out this comes from a man who has been doing all he can to delegitimize his own Justice Department, FBI and intelligence community? Essentially every federal law enforcement branch that isn’t ICE?

More importantly, a constant focus upon “security” and “safety” is a hallmark of dictators. It was Goebbels who noted (not for the first time) that a leader must keep people in fear of something, because citizens will give up near any freedom if they believe it makes them “safer.” If you want to control people, make them afraid.

Because Trump is a Putin puppet, he is surely getting political advice from the master in establishing a fascist regime out of an otherwise democratic government.

But, who do Americans really have to fear?

Immigrants, of course.

“Infestation” is language eerily out of Nazi Germany, too. Trump is clearly getting “political” advice by someone steeped in successful propaganda. I am certainly no fan of MS-13, but some reality need be dropped into Putin’s pet’s story. MS-13 is a gang that formed in southern California and was exported to El Salvador, the problems come from those coming and going. And how many people are we talking about? From Politifact:

There is other data indicating the Trump administration’s efforts to deport MS-13 gang members, but that doesn’t necessarily support Trump’s claim.

ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations division arrested nearly 800 MS-13 gang members in fiscal year 2017.

ICE’s investigations division arrested 405 MS-13 gang members, Bourke said, citing first-quarter data for fiscal year 2018.

We are a nation of 320 million, where in any given year, my daughter is far more likely to be slaughtered by a classmate bringing a gun to school than by one of the 1200 vicious (and they are vicious) gang members deported by the Trump administration as fighting an “infestation.”

Irrational reasoning is another hallmark of an authoritarian puppet.

Just as Churchill noted that an “iron curtain” was descending upon Eastern Europe as the months passed, post World War II, an “iron authoritarian” is descending upon this country, one controlled by another gang, not MS-13, but a gang of Russian mobsters, a gang so ruthless they will take over your country, and fight your friends, (Canada!) slowly making them the enemy.

Trump knows how ruthless that Russian gang can be. That’s why he won’t cross them. It’s why Trump is a puppet, and why I am so damn glad to hear it is now acceptable to say out loud, even among the top media in the country.


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Rob Simley

This article is blatant obfuscation. The MSM just loves to blame everything negative on Russia and President Putin. Absolutely bloody nonsense. If they were so powerful, Russia would not be under severe sanctions and surrounded by American missiles! I truly wish fools such as this author and others of like disposition the media that hires them would stop the fake news. No one with a half a brain believes any of it and it just makes the media untrustworthy!

Michele Lejeune

Yet another clueless, brainwashed tRump supporter. I truly feel sorry for your constant state of ignorance and unwillingness to recognize what’s directly in front of you and others like you (the minority, BTW)!!!