“Family Separation” is NOT a Trump “policy.” It’s an insidious PR campaign.


My friends, it’s time to wake up and smell the outhouse. The obvious can no longer be denied or covered up. We literally have an evil government. And no, I don’t mean a stupid, corrupt, feckless, ignorant, or incompetent government. From Donald Trump to Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, to Kirstjen Nielsen, we have a triumvirate of purely evil people, carrying out a perfectly evil design, for an evil end.

Family separation is not a policy, not some misguided idea with tragic unintended consequences. It is operating exactly as intended, and with perfect precision. When His Lowness signed that empty Executive Order ending the forced separation of families, he wasn’t backing down, not by a long shot. He could have signed that order at any time, but he chose the moment when the resources were stretched, and the outcry was at its loudest. The initial part of the PR campaign had fulfilled it’s mission, it had dominated the news to the point that it became global. Now it was time for part two to commence, what we’re seeing right now.

When the individual news reports of the last couple of days are put together into one picture, the plan becomes obvious. First, a few days ago a federal court ordered that all children under the age of 5 be reunited with their parents within 14 days, and children ages 5-17 within 30 days. I wrote over the weekend that what struck me as odd was that the Justice Department had not filed for an emergency injunction while they appealed. I wrote that the government was intentionally trying to force a constitutional crisis by ignoring a valid court order. I was right, but it gets worse.

A few disparate reports from yesterday paint a disturbing picture. There was a report of an immigrant asylum seeker who was released trying to reunite with her children, who had been shipped off to Michigan. The government told her that it would cost her $3,000 to have the children flown from Michigan back to where she was. It was only after the woman’s immigration threatened to file a federal lawsuit to force compliance that the government ponied up to return the children.

For immigrants that have crossed the border seeking asylum, once they pass their “reasonable fear” interview, they are normally allowed to bond out until their hearing, the normal bond is about $1,500. An immigration attorney in Texas contacted an immigration case officer on behalf of her client, who had passed her interview, about bonding her out so she could be reunited with her children. The immigration officer advised her that they had received “orders from above” that asylum seekers who had been separated from their children were no longer to be allowed to bond out. NBC reached out to DHS, which stated that there had been no change in policy, but in calling around, the lawyer found several colleagues who had rammed headfirst into the same obstacle.

Rachel Maddow covered a story about a Guatamalan woman in the far SW corner of Arizona who was bonded out, hoping to reunite with her children being held in New York. She was bonded out because a New York woman crowd funded $30,000 to spring her. But the woman had no documentation, so she couldn’t board a plane, train, or even a bus to New York without risking being rearrested. Compassion came through in the clutch again, and organizers literally set up a cross country car pool, sometbing like 7 different drivers took the woman from preset location to location to be carried on all the way to New York. Where she now faces the challenge of proving her identity without documentation to be reunited with her children.

There can no longer be any doubt. Rather than trying to expedite the reunification process, the Trump administration is doing everything in it’s power to forestall it for as long as possible, up to defying a judicial order. For starters, the longer the government can delay reunification, the longer they can delay the public realization that some of these families will never see their children again. The entire slipshod, half assed paperwork process was designed to ensure that from the start. But there are two darker, more inherently evil reasons for this crime against humanity. And they’re both a part of the whole grand PR show that this was always intended to be.

First, Hair Furor predetermined that this was a winning issue for him, to rile up his base to show up for the midterm elections in November. His public pronouncements have all been engineered to drive up the anxiety in his racist, chickenshit base. Threatening that if the Democrats get their way, they’ll hand out lifetime memberships to Mar-A-Lago to MS-13 members streaming across the “open borders.” If the Democrats take over, you better start shopping for food from home, because you won’t be able to leave the house. It’s a vicious, cynical, petty political ploy, engineered by a vicious, cynical, petty little man. But the real reason if, believe it or not, actually far worse.

This humanitarian con job was not carried out in the shadows. KKKeebler the Elf proudly proclaimed it in advance, highlighting the fact that children would be separated from their parents. Trump bragged about his shiny new “zero tolerance policy,” our nations last line of defense from a sure and certain “infestation” of refugees and asylum seekers. The whole object of the exercise was to gain global media attention, especially in Latin America. It wouldn’t stop those already on the way up here, but that was never the intention. Hell, he needed those people to try, to show that he had the chops to actually do it, and to raise the media frenzy to a fever pitch.

Because these poor, desperate souls are coming up here out of desperate fear. They live in countries with corrupt, uncaring governments, and riddled with violent gangs who see them as just another resource. And so they come, paying as much as $10,000 apiece to be shepherded through the dangerous trek, in hopes of finding peace and safety.

How do you fight that kind of fear and desperation? With even worse fear, and more dire desperation. Donald J Trump is actually doing everything in his power as the President of the United States to make this country even more terrifying for these refugees than even their own corrupt, uncaring government, poverty, and even fucking MS-13! That’s it right there, the entire PR campaign in a nutshell. “Give me your tired, your poor” is being replaced with “Give us your children, even the infants, and then get your scrawny ass back to El Salvador.” It’s not an administration “policy,” it never was. Trump is waging a PR terror campaign to shut down the border without his stupid wall, and to con his racist, gutless supporters to make sure he gets to keep right on doing it.

And it’s not just Trump doing this, because he’s the President. It is the United States of America committing this atrocity, you know, like all of us. Trump is engaging in government sponsored terrorism. That’s not an impeachable offense, it is treason against the very principles this country stands for. The question is, what in the hell can we do about it? because the meter is running. And more families are about to be permanently ripped apart in the name of “national security.”

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