Trump Makes Veiled Threat to Protesters/Opponents, Hypocrisy Never Stronger


As we’ve discussed already, Donald Trump went for safe cover, Fox TV, to do a sit down interview with Maria Bartiromo today. There are those who believe that Trump agrees to do sit down interviews on the eve or on the verge of upcoming bad news for Trump, we can hope that is true.

Nonetheless, Bartiromo asked Trump about the public protests against his administration, including the public shaming of administration officials in response to the separation of refugee families as part of Trump’s zero-tolerance immigration policy.

Trump’s answer was both laughable in its hypocrisy, and eerie in its slyly sinister-nature:

“I hope the other side realizes that they better just take it easy. They better just take it easy because some of the language used, some of the words used, even some of the radical ideas I really think they are very bad for the country,”

“I hope they realize …”

Translated: “They better know something before they continue to do this …”

That they better just take it easy. They better take it easy …OR ELSE” – this is the thinly-veiled threat that Trump specializes in. They better take it easy ….

He doesn’t need to say that it’s because he and his followers are sociopaths who love guns and violence and self-righteousness, because he knows that we know that.

On a lighter note, the rank hypocrisy, this man is going to preach to us about language used? Or the tone of our protests? Bad ideas?

This is the man who gives every opponent a derogatory nickname, crooked Hillary, lyin’ Ted, low-energy Jeb, this is a man who essentially called on people to find Cruz’s wife far uglier than Melania. This is a man who made fun of a physically-challenged reporter. He told his audience to rough up some protesters and he’d take care of the legal bills. This man said that there were some good people on “both sides” of a rally in which his side was supported by Alt-Right KKK’ers, and – obviously – this is the man with ideas like taking children from their parents, and he’s going to talk about language used, civility, and ideas that are bad for the country?

He is going to say that to a reporter, when he has called “the media” the enemy of the people?

He has recently taken to calling the immigration issue an “infestation” – like “vermin” – language eerily similar to that used by the fascists in the Nazi party speaking of Jews.

But he is going to preach about language, ideas, and “being careful”?

This was the pinnacle in veiled threats and bare hypocrisy.

See the full interview:



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