Think ‘Spygate’ sounds like a PR tactic invented to smear Robert Mueller? Giuliani says you’re RIGHT!


Giuliani’s month-old job as a spokesman for President has been full of scandal, contradiction and, Rudy now admits, PR stunts to protect his precious buddy billionaire.

He began as Trump’s lawyer by saying money used to seal a 2016 hush agreement with Stormy Daniels had come from Trump, who had earlier flatly denied any knowledge of that money. He also said that Trump would have Michael Cohen pay off women “if necessary”.

Later, he said he had “no knowledge of” any other payments to women.

According to Trump, “simple” mis-step made by his pal Rudy was due to some bad information.

“He’ll get his facts straight. It’s actually very simple, there has been a lot of misinformation really.”

Well, his facts are obviously straight now because he’s purposefully twisting them to change the story.

In addition to the, let’s say shifting information that Guiliani has initiated, he is now admitting, according to the Guardian, that Trump’s use of the term ‘Spygate’ is simply a “tactic to sway public opinion and limit the risk of the president being impeached.”

He goes on to say, “Because eventually the decision here is going to be impeach or not impeach. Members of Congress, Democrats and Republicans, are going to be informed a lot by their constituents. And so our jury – and it should be – is the American people. So Republicans largely, many independents, even some Democrats now question the legitimacy of [the Mueller investigation].”

Well then. In case it wasn’t spelled out for us before…

Chuck Schumer has some wise words of advice to the press regarding the whole issue.

It’s not just a disservice. It’s a stupid PR stunt, created by Guiliani to smear Robert Mueller and his investigation in a last-ditch effort to save Trump’s over-inflated orange ass.

Impeach Trump!!

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