If he wants it, John McCain can exact the ultimate revenge against Trump and Sadler.


Personally, after everything else that John McCain has been through in his long and dignified life, I like to think that at this point, worrying about the words of a dumbed down idjit like Kelly Sadler is pretty low on his list of things to give a shit about. That being said, I totally understand, and applaud the dignified, righteous outrage of his wife and daughter. A breath of fresh, mountain air after the deep whiff of the stench of the Trump swamp that we’ve had to endure.

That being said, it saddens me to say that I honestly believe that John McCain has spent his last day officially occupying the US Capitol. There has been no indication that McCain plans to travel back to Washington to cast his vote against the confirmation of the torture poster child Gina Haspel, and if he won’t return to vote on an issue that is so personally important to him, I cannot conceive of anything more important that cold lure him back.

But, if John McCain would love to figuratively shove Glorious Bleater, and with him the rest of the unprincipled GOP Senate bastards off of the cliff, and down into the fiery pit, all he has to do is to gracefully retire. But, as with most things in life, timing is everything.

If John McCain holds out, and doesn’t retire until anytime starting on June 1st, the state’s Republican Governor will appoint a replacement to serve out the balance of McCain’s term. But, if John McCain retires from the US Senate before midnight on May 31st, then the GOP will have to field a second candidate, and Arizona will have two open Senate seats up for grabs in November. The race for Jeff Flake’s vacated seat in Arizona was already looking possibly competitive going into November, and a second vacated seat would give the racist, ex-con thug Joe Arpaio another outlet to screw things up or the GOP.

My own view is that John McCain will wait, that his loyalty to his party will override his personal satisfaction at sticking it in Trump’s eye. But there are a couple of factors at play here. McCain’s loyalty to the GOP may have diminished with the pathetic showing of the sitting GOP Senators he considered friends, who have steadfastly refused to stand up and publicly defend his honor and name against Sadler’s smear. If indeed this has become the “party of Trump,” McCain may not feel as much loyalty. And, if McCain is no longer capable of fulfilling his constitutional duties, there is nothing cowardly or petty in graciously admitting that simple fact, why delay the obvious and inevitable?

Donald Trump’s entire life has been an exercise in excess. Funny how it could all come down to just how badly John McCain might want to pay him back for his excessive belittling of a man who has had far too much dignity and class to respond, to possibly determine whether or not Trump’s own Senate remains under his thumb for the next two years or not. We’ll all know soon enough.

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