Rosenstein Stands Firm Against Republicans: Justice Dept Won’t Be Extorted


At some point last week, a group of Republican House congressmen drafted articles of impeachment against Rob Rosenstein. If that sentence sounds unusually vague for a news article, it is. But, it is vague only because so are the circumstances. You see, the Republicans who drafted the articles – perhaps as serious a function as Congress possesses – did not put their names on the draft, nor date the document prior to leaking it to the media.

It is difficult to conceive of a more cowardly act. It reminds me of the junior high boy who wants the cute girl to know he likes her, but has nowhere near the requisite courage to tell her. Therefore he writes his “buddy” a note, confessing his love for the girl (we will call her “Fascia”) and asks his buddy to “show Fascia my note” as a “secret.” Yeah, like that, except even the junior high boy signs his damn name on it. Rosenstein, too, noted the failed junior-high level of courage:

“They can’t even resist leaking their own drafts,” Rosenstein said at an event at the Newseum on Tuesday afternoon. “I just don’t have anything to say about documents like that, that nobody has the courage to put their name on and that they leak in that way.”

It does not matter to Republicans that Rob Rosenstein has not committed a crime. When has the lack of crime or scandalous behavior ever stopped the Republicans from starting a “scandal”? The Republican party decided to impeach Bill Clinton on something and that commitment followed well past establishing that no crime existed within the Whitewater land deal, holding firm until finally a special prosecutor went to court asking for two warrants, one for a grossly-stained blue dress, and another for a cheek swab of the President of the United States. Republicans still talk about Hillary’s “crimes” with respect to Benghazi(!) and Emailszzzz, despite multiple committees, investigators and years all coming up blank. Rosenstein’s crime seems to be the same as that committed by the Clintons, he continues to offend the Republicans by doing his job conscientiously, and will not be intimidated.

The Republicans’ stated point of contention is their “inability” to to get documents from the Department of Justice about FBI surveillance of the Trump campaign as well as information about the probe into Hillary Clinton’s email server. It does not seem to matter that even the average American junior high student understands that the “Trump Republicans” in the House have no interest in the truth and want these documents solely to concoct various “conspiracies” against the FBI. Republicans in the House have done nothing but attempt to clear a path for Trump, and do not seem to care whether Trump works for Putin or not, which would be breathtaking were it not also so “normal.” And, like bad Republicans going back to Newt, these ones aren’t at all afraid to destroy anyone who gets in the way:

“I can tell you that there have been people that have been making threats against me privately and publicly for some time, and I think they should understand by now the Department of Justice is not going to be extorted.”

To the extent that the United States retains a weak grasp to representative democracy, and is not yet the banana republic we so often appear to be, it is because of the fundamental decency of people like – irony will get us in the end – lifelong Republicans such as Rob Rosenstein and Robert Mueller. They work for us, daily, as real patriots. We know they do so, not just because of the conscientiousness of their work,, not just because of their commitment, or judgment, we know because when Mueller or Rosenstein do something on our behalf, they put their names on the bottom. They are akin to the junior high boy who tosses his note aside, and summons the courage to walk straight up to the cute, quiet girl – for our purposes, we’ll call the girl “Americassandra,” – and whisper “I think you are beautiful.”

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